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Eclipse Compliance Testing

Regulatory Compliance Testing

The test and evaluation of electronic gaming devices and related systems is imperative to assure fairness and integrity in the gaming, lottery, and amusement industries. These measures should be conducted pro-actively to eliminate the possibility of corruption of these devices and systems. The management staff of has been testing gaming devices and related systems since 1987. With knowledge and experience that is unsurpassed, we can evaluate devices and systems for any regulatory standard, identify issues, and author reports on our findings.

On site inspections and audits

Our services extend beyond the laboratory.

We provide on-site services at gaming facilities to verify the software in electronic gaming devices and related systems. Furthermore, we evaluate the communication between gaming devices and monitoring systems. We also verify the operation of cashless gaming systems, including Ticket In/Ticket Out (TITO) technologies.

Forensic evaluations

Occasionally machines malfunction or are compromised by unscrupulous persons. These issues could find a casino operator liable for the payment of an award worth millions of dollars. Sizeable awards should only be paid when the jackpot occurrence has been thoroughly evaluated and determined to be legitimate. Should any doubt arise during jackpot verification, payment should be withheld until such time as an independent forensic evaluation has been undertaken. has the experience to review any jackpot to determine if its occurrence is legitimate. Additionally, we can identify machine malfunctions and cheating attempts.


Eclipse Compliance Testing.

Authorized Jurisdictions

Eclipse Compliance Testing is authorized/recognized as an Independent Regulatory Compliance Testing Laboratory in hundreds of regulated gaming jurisdictions. If you would like access to this extensive list of Authorized Jurisdictions, please contact Eclipse Compliance Testing.

Submission Guidelines

Eclipse Compliance Testing serves the gaming industry with the utmost courtesy and respect for those entities with which we are privileged to do business.


Eclipse Compliance Testing has built a reputation for providing its customers and clients with exceptional service.


Eclipse Compliance Testing

  • 2006-2008

    Our Humble Beginnings

    March 1, 2006 - Selected to Verify the Choctaw Casinos Implementation of the Gaming Standards Association's System-to-System Protocol.

    July 25, 2008 - Eclipse Compliance Testing Receives 2008 Best of Cleveland Award.

  • August, 2009

    Our Goals

    August 29 - Casino Enterprise Magazine Interview with Eclipse at G2E 2009.

    June 15 - Announces ISO 17025 Accreditation.

    June 16 - Receives 2009 Best of Cleveland Award for the Second Year in a Row.

  • 2010

    Press Releases

    December 21 - Third Consecutive 2010 Best of Cleveland Award, Receives Weatherhead Award for 2010, Announces ISO 17020 and GSA Accreditation.

    November 10 - Nick Farley Receives 2010 Warrior Award at OIGA, Oscar Schuyler Receives National Honor.

  • 2011

    Phase Two Expansion

    July 11 - CasinoFest 9: Interview and Regulating Internet Gambling session, State of Class II Gaming - Roundtable.

    March 4 - In Class II Gaming Technology Roundtable Discussion.

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