Submission Guidelines

serves the gaming industry with the utmost courtesy and respect for those entities with which we are privileged to do business. Keeping this in mind, we would like to make our services available in a manner in which our customers can take the most expedient and effective path towards regulatory compliance. This section outlines the necessary steps to take in order to help our testing proceed in the most efficient manner. Having all the necessary elements at the beginning of our evaluation saves time and money for our customers. To ensure a smooth evaluation, please take a moment to look over the following requirements that we deem necessary for a complete submission:

Several documents are included below that outline the submission requirements for specific products or specific jurisdictions. Please download the appropriate documents for your products. If you have something unique, or if your product does not squarely fit into one of the listed categories, please feel free to contact our office for further information.

We would like to emphasize that any Submissions be accompanied by a primary point-of-contact so that any necessary questions may be answered, and to ensure that the submission process commences smoothly. can be contacted through the Contact Us section of the website either by the contact form, e-mail, telephone, or FAX. After consultation, items may be submitted in person, by mail, by e-mail, or uploaded via FTP. In order to minimize the time to approval, feel free to download our document of Common Pitfalls to be sure that these reoccurring problems are not present in your submission.

NJLGCCC Common Pitfalls (Adobe Acrobat)

Amusement Device Submission Requirements (Adobe Acrobat)

Gaming Device Submission Requirements (Adobe Acrobat)

Class II CA Charity Submission Requirements (Adobe Acrobat)

Class II Submission Requirements (Adobe Acrobat)

Oklahoma Games Submission Requirements REV 042706 (Adobe Acrobat)

NJLGCCC Requirements for Amusement Redemption Device Rev. 0106 (Adobe Acrobat)